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Dr. Jesse Walker, Sr. Virtual International Center for 

Character Education (VICCE)


Recognizing an ever changing world, a world where a generation of youths can still believe in themselves with hope for their future coupled with overly concerned parents, “The Dr. Jesse Walker, Sr., Virtual International Center for Character Education” (The Center) was founded.

Dr. Jesse Walker, Sr., an Educator with over 30 years in the private and public school systems and years of experience in Corporate Industry, has decided to channel his area of expertise into an area he finds the greatest need, in the generation of our youths around the world.

Dr. Jesse Walker Sr., successfully raised four children (now successful adults), as a single parent. His children were raised on various principles that are similar to those to be presented in the forth coming Curriculum.

If you want to really make a difference in your child’s education and future, then I encourage you to take a moment to consider subscribing to a project that is likely to give your son/daughter the fair chance they deserve. A chance that is not typically a part of their private or public school education, instead, this is a chance that could enrich your child’s character for years to come and make you a lifetime proud parent.

We realize there are no guarantees in life when it comes to training or teaching youths, but, what if there was a project that could give them a greater chance at success particularly when it comes to their character development? Well, there is still hope. The hope comes in investment into building your child’s future by investing into his/her character education.

The opportunity is now presented before you, so please take advantage of it by taking immediate action into a project that could enhance your relationship with yourson/daughter as you assist in enriching their developmental stages.

Get started immediately by clicking on the buy button below. You can thank us later.

Special note: This program also has an adult component curriculum for Character Education.


Monthly Membership Subscriptions

Only $19.95 Monthly

Character Education Curriculum

A. Level 1: Grades 2 – 5

B. Level 2: Grades 6 – 8

C. Level 3: Grades 9-12

D. Level 4: Adult or Parent/Guardian Component


1. All communications are done via Internet/Phone or other electronic transmissions through the parent/guardian’s email address

2. The parent/guardian in turn relates all communications / transmissions to their son/daughter

3. The son/daughter completes required assignments and relates back to the respect parent/guardian

4. Parent/Guardian remits/submits completed weekly assignments to Dr. Jesse Walker Sr., Virtual International Center for Character Education

5. Dr. Jesse Walker Sr., Virtual International Center for Character Education reviews all completed assignments, communications and corresponds with parent/guardian with comments, input or results

6. Next assignment (#2) will be sent the following week via electronic transmission to parent/guardian

7. Procedures (Steps 1 – 6) repeated (continually)

P.O Box 5756

Miami Lakes, FL 33014


Mon - Fri 9:00a.m. to 5:00pm EST

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