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Dr. Jesse Walker Inc.

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Refund Policy

If you intend to cancel your appointment, product, or service, a three day notice before the event date is required to secure a full refund.

All requests for refunds are required in writing. 

 Send request for refund via email to: 

[email protected] or [email protected]

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After The Passion... Now What?

Monthly Financial Coaching sessions

Monthly Financial Coaching
Monthly Financial Coaching (Late fee)

Coaching/Consulting Services

Coaching/Consulting Services - Subscribers: Only $1.49 per minute (30 Minute Minimum)
Coaching/Consulting Services - Non Subscribers: $1.99 per minute (30 Minute Minimum)

Individual/Business Subscription

Individual Subscription (minimum 3 months)
Individual Subscription (Minimum 6 months)
Individual Subscription (1 year)
Business Advertising (Minimum 3 Months)
Business Advertising (6 Months)
Business Advertising (1 Year)
Business Sponsorship (Other)