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“Conditional vs Unconditional 

Relationships for Success”

Featured Story

Inspired by true events

Leroy and Maggie dated for six months prior to getting married in a church with a huge ceremony.

They have been married for just over 2 years. They are both in their mid-twenties with no children and first-time marriage.

Leroy comes from a traditional family with strong family values where the wife is very submissive in the home almost to the point that she is obedient to the final word of the husband as was the case of his mother in the home.

Maggie on the other hand, comes from a more liberal family one of which you are created equally with the woman having equal say in the home and well-deserving of the ability to express herself without being considered as a radical.

Thus, the differences in their views have caused serious conflict in their marriage almost to the point that Maggie wants out of the marriage and Leroy insists it’s against his religious beliefs to divorce.

Maggie is miserable in the home because she feels this is not a marriage instead it’s a dictatorship because it appears as though she has to get permission from him to do literally any and everything including buying clothes for herself.

They have sought and attended numerous therapy sessions of which have included conditional vs unconditional love in relationships and the dangers that may become evident when there is a lack thereof.

Leroy wants and demands to have children, but Maggie refuses to have kids in this marriage because she is totally unhappy. In fact, Maggie moved out a month ago back home with her parents and Leroy has had his pastor visit her on several occasions to try and tell her that her duty is to be at home with her husband and not in her parents’ house. After the pastor’s third visit, Maggie insists that he stops coming because he makes absolutely no sense to her in living under such conditions.

Maggie loves her husband but just can’t seem to live with him not like this.

Questions are:

1. Is Maggie’s duty to her husband to go back home?

2. Is Maggie’s rationale for not desiring to have kids with her husband reasonable?

3. Is Maggie a submissive wife?

4. Is Leroy being unreasonable?

5. Does this couple have a chance of survival together?

6. What advice if any, would you give this couple individually or collectively?

“Food for Thought”

When I think of conditional love, I think of a love that is defined that is likely based on specific and certain terms placed on a relationship that could be prone to bring resentment in that same relationship. To me, it’s as if to say, ‘I will love you if you do this or that.’ Of course, this means, doing something I want under my specified or certain terms to get my love.

At the end of the day, is that type of love freely given by the recipient or is it likely set forth as dictated by the opposing party? I would suggest the later, which makes the case, who would want to have a relationship where their love is not freely given but solely based on conditions. 

Another question, how could an opposing party feel truly loved by someone he/she may have placed such conditions on just to be in the relationship with them? That would seem to be a purchased typed of love without any emotional attachment which I consider to be a form or component of love itself.

On the other hand, when I think of unconditional love, it is a love where there are no conditions placed or imposed on your significant other and you are both free to exercise the expression of your emotional love to each other and love each other in spite of your imperfections.  

In the story, unfortunately, Leroy could miss out on the true love that Maggie has for him if only he could humble himself to understand that love requires a measure of the freedom to love and to be loved. 

In my opinion, perhaps if we all learn and practice unconditional love, I really think the world would be a better place to live.

When you think about it, ‘isn’t it love that makes the world go around?’

This has just been my humble opinion, I trust that someway, somehow, you will find a way to express and receive your love, unconditionally!

Hope to see you in our next issue. Until then, stay safe and healthy during our trying times.

Dr. Jesse Walker Inc. 

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