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Dr. Jesse Walker Inc.

Marjorie Allen Cross - From Miami Gardens FL

If you have any questions about becoming a sponsor, please call or text 

+1 786-319-7223

  • Here are my reasons for becoming a Sponsor and subscribing and how the Newsletters have helped me.
  • Becoming a sponsor has really helped me to make a difference in the lives of others at home and abroad.
  • To be a catalyst for change in a world that desperately needs change and to help struggling humanity.
  • An opportunity to help businesses, like clubs, churches, and other organizations.
  • To provide solutions to economic concerns that many are experiencing today.
  • To provide better health and wellness with our Isagenix products.
  • A road map to financial freedom from the newsletters provided, which provides a recipe for success.
  • To provide the tools, services, resources, and systems to improve the economies; those that need help to better their lives and the lives of others.
  • To provide the necessary assistance to college students to better build their self-esteem and the desire to complete their studies.
  • I am so excited about being a part of the Dr. Jesse Walker Radio Show.